Our SuperContest Proxy Service has the industries Latest Client Submission Time, giving our clients the largest edge! 

SuperContest – Entry fee is $1,500. Top 100 contestants win cash prizes. 2019 winner collected a record $1,469,644.80. All entries are due by September 12th, 3 PM PST.

New in 2020 are 4 quarter bonuses each with a $135,000 prize pool (1st – $100k, 2nd – $25k, 3rd – $10k) also contestants can have up to 3 entries into the SuperContest.

Contestants don’t have to be Nevada residents to enter but ALL registrations must take place in person at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook®. Registrants must sign up with your proxy. Please click the link below to reserve your appointment time.

Format for the SuperContest: Contestants pick 5 pro games against the contest line and receive one point for a win or ½ point for a tie (push). The team with the most accumulated points over the 17-week regular season is declared the winner.

For further contest rules please see attached form – CLICK HERE

Registration Ends: 09/12/2020

Rule the Gridiron in the Westgate Supercontest

If you are serious about football handicapping, you are serious about the Westgate SuperContest. The best-known football handicapping contest in the world, the Westgate has proven themselves the leader in high stakes gridiron contests. Last year over 3200 contestants participated in this mack daddy of all football season long contests, with well over $2,000,000 in prize money. The Westgate expects more than 3500 entrants this year, pushing the potential prize earnings over $2.5 million. 


Previously known as the Las Vegas Hilton SuperContest, the Westgate SuperContest continues to provide big payouts, multiple contests, and KellyInVegas is the preferred proxy services to make your life easier. Well known for the Westgate Football Contest or the Westgate SuperContest, the venue also hosts the SuperContest GOLD and the SuperContest ReBoot. These contests provide contest fans multiple ways to score big for their calculated picks among NFL games, just to heighten the fun and potential earnings.


Entry fee for the Las Vegas SuperContest is $1,500.  The top 100 players or teams all win cash prizes. The prize package is something to get really excited about – last year the 2019 winner took home a record $1,469,644.80. In fact, we are proud to say that we served as the proxy service for the 2019 SuperContest Big Winner. Eric Jensen and Matt Kucera, a/k/a “It Aint Breezy”, as they took home the cash prize with the help of our professional and late cutoff proxy service in Las Vegas. The contest is open to register, and you must be on the roster by September 12, 2020 at 3 p.m. PDT.  As with all contests in Nevada, you do not need to be a Nevada resident or USA citizen to participate, but you must be 21 and have all weekly choices placed within the state. You also have to be present to register. Using our professional proxy service during the season makes life easier so you know your choices arrive on time and are placed correctly. You also know that when you use KellyInVegas you do not have to calculate how much you owe the proxy from your earnings, because KellyInVegas works on a flat fee scale for all pick placement. Our reasonable fees, respected reputation, and backup protocol assure you keep what you earn, and your picks are taken care of by a company you can trust to get the job done on time and with integrity. 


The format for the SuperContest is simple – a $1,500 buy-in, and players pick five NFL games against the spread each week. A contestant can have up to three entries (3 buy-ins).  Wins get one point, ties or push earn ½ a point. The team with the most accumulated points over the entire 17-week regular season is the top winner. Prize money is determined by the number of entries, and the top 100 get payouts.  For 2020 the Westgate has sweetened the pot, as they have added four quarterly bonuses, each carrying a $135,000 prize pool (1st– $100,000, 2nd– $25,000, and 3rd– $10,000).  


KellyInVegas Proxy Service is a preferred service for the Westgate. You do have to be present to register for any of the SuperContests, and all registrations must take place at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook®.  If you desire the professional assistance of a quality proxy service, click below to sign up for an appointment time at the Westgate. Your proxy must be present with you at registration to act on your behalf throughout the season.  We will meet you there at your convenience to register as your SuperContest proxy, saving you the stress of last minute rushes, crowds, and inconvenient travel. We charge no percentages or commissions, and our flat fee services are reasonable. Once you utilize our services you will quickly learn why we are the most recommended football contest proxy service on the Strip.

Serious Players Check the Westgate SuperContest Standings First


The Westgate made some exciting changes for the 2020 SuperContest including in-season payouts. There are now four (4) $135,000 in-season Quarter Bonus cash awards that will be made to the players that accumulate the most points during that particular quarter. The payout schedule is $100,000 for 1st Place, $25,000 for 2nd Place, and $10,000 for 3rd Place each of the quarters. Ties will split the aggregate prize money for that particular placement for that quarter. Quarters breakdown as follows:


1st Quarter Bonus: Weeks 1-4

2nd Quarter Bonus: Weeks 5-8

3rd Quarter Bonus: Weeks 9-12

4th Quarter Bonus: Weeks 13-16

One of the biggest changes that contestants see as a big plus this season is the cutoff time for submitting picks. The Westgate NFL SuperContest cutoffs have been pushed back to Saturday night at 11 p.m. pst. This means you now have 12 additional hours to study, gather intelligence, and tweak your picks for the week as you view rosters, learn of injuries, check the weather, and other potential factors that affect the game, as the old cutoff was 11 a.m. on Saturday before the big weekly NFL showdowns. This is a huge advantage so you can handicap the game more accurately. Since KellyInVegas has the latest submission time of any proxy service in Nevada, we can take your choices right up to the wire and have them in accurately and on time before cutoff.

For more information and official rules please visit: https://www.westgateresorts.com/hotels/nevada/las-vegas/westgate-las-vegas-resort-casino/casino/supercontest/


Lots of SuperContest Payouts….and We Mean LOTS


Last year the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest enjoyed a record number of entries and paid out well over $2 million in prizes. KellyInVegas was happy to see our customers Eric Jensen and Matt Kucera, a/k/a “It Ain’t Breezy”, take home one of the big prizes. They collected their check and immediately rolled a very small portion of it back into the new 2020 SuperContest. Eric and Matt are excited about the rule improvements for this year, and the additional contests to boot. One of the best changes they said was the later submission cutoff time for picks. This extension allows them to make better educated choices and getting them into KellyInVegas for placement. Our proxy service has the latest submission times in the business for no additional price, giving you more edge and improved chances to win.


The new 2020 four-quarter bonuses offer a big $135,000 prize pool (1st – $100k, 2nd – $25k, 3rd – $10k).  The SuperContest allows up to three (3) entries per contestant.  While you must be present to register for any of the Westgate contests, you do not need to be present to place your picks if you live out of state or out of country. Nevada Gaming regulations do require the placer of picks to be in-state, and KellyInVegas Proxy Service can take care of those weekly choices for a very reasonable flat fee, saving you time and travel expense. You do need to be 21 to participate in any Westgate SuperContest contests. 

Need SuperContest Gold Picks Proxied? KellyInVegas Proxy Service is #1


Big money handicappers like to take advantage of the other two Las Vegas SuperContests offered by the Westgate, the GOLD. The GOLD has the same rules and point structure as the SuperContest except it is a limit of one entry per contestant and carries a $5,000 buy in. You pick five (5) NFL sides against the spread for each week for 17 weeks. Just like the SuperContest, winners receive one (1) point for each win and ½ point for each tie or push.  The most accumulated points wins, and GOLD is a WINNER TAKE ALL event!  Last season’s winner collected $585,000 in the GOLD contest. Entry cutoff is September 12, 2020. You can use KellyInVegas to take care of your weekly picks easily and accurately. Click below to set up an appointment at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook®. Registrants must sign up with your proxy, saving you the stress of last minute registration in a crowd.


Hire a SuperContest Proxy for the Late Season SuperContest Reboot


Lastly, there is a 3rd contest called SuperContest Reboot in case you missed the earlier season registrations or simply want more chances to win.  Carrying a low $500 buy-in, it utilizes the same against the spread format but is exclusively NFL Weeks 9-17 to help make the last half of the NFL season more exciting. Contestants pick five (5) NFL games against the contest line. You receive one (1) point for a win, ½ point for a tie or push.  The team with the most accumulated points over the last half of the NFL season Weeks 9-17 wins.  A player can enter three (3) times into the Reboot contest for this season. 

Cut-off to register for the Reboot is November 7, 2020 at 3 p.m. PST, and you do not have to be registered for the SuperContest or GOLD to enter. We can proxy the Reboot for you, just click below to schedule an appointment to meet at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook® at a convenient time to register and establish KellyInVegas as your professional proxy service. With the latest submission times in the industry, we can give you the edge on last minute intelligence gathering so your weekly choices are sharp.




Our Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest Proxy Service Takes Stress Out of Submitting Picks


The Westgate SuperContest payouts are some of the most lucrative in the NFL handicapping contest world. KellyInVegas would like to be your professional proxy and represent you at the Westgate to place your weekly contest picks.  The new extended cutoff times has allowed us to push out submission times, guaranteeing you the latest possible pick placement anywhere in the region as well as offering our Proxy Guarantee. If you have questions, would like to know about our Proxy Guarantee and reasonable flat fees, or simply want to sign up and schedule an appointment to go register at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook®, contact us by clicking below or going to our contact page. KellyInVegas wants to add you to our list of customers who have won big earnings at the Westgate.  Full rules for all contests are available at the SuperContest Rules, SuperContest Gold Rules, and SuperContest ReBoot Rules pages. Let KellyInVegas Proxy Service help you by taking care of your Las Vegas SuperContest picks. We pride ourselves in being the top Las Vegas SuperContest Proxy and we are always just a phone call away.

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