Why do I need a proxy for Las Vegas football contests and why choose KIV Proxy Service?

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What is a proxy and why do I need one?

If you wish to enter a Las Vegas based football contest, but don’t live in Nevada or you don’t want the trouble of entering your picks personally in the casino every week, you will need a proxy. Proxies give you the ability to come to Las Vegas and sign up and be worry free the rest of the season. Choosing a reliable, trustworthy proxy is the most important. Things to consider when choosing a proxy:

Does my proxy have a reliable track record, and how long have they been in the space submitting picks on others behalves?

Choosing the “cheapest” proxy might be just that. You get what you pay for! Choose a proxy with positive feedback and recommendations. Not to mention one that has been in the space for years. Lots of new proxies are popping up out of nowhere.

Do they have a backup plan in place in case something happens and they can’t make it to the casino to place my picks?

Things happen in our day to day lives. Flat tires, injuries and sick children to name a few. Make sure your proxy has a backup plan or a partner who can make sure business is handled first and foremost. My partner and I drive separate cars and have duplicate cards made for each and every one of our customers. In the event one of us runs into a problem getting to the sportsbook, the other is ready to submit at a moments notice.

When is my proxy’s cutoff time for pick submissions?

As sports bettors we all know how valuable information is. Choosing a company who’s cutoff time is Friday afternoon versus one with Saturday morning can make or break your week. This is why we are proud to announce the latest cutoff time of all the respected proxies. SuperContest customers have until Saturday morning at 7am EST and if that isn’t late enough we provide a “late entry fee” of $50 for the entire season to enter your picks to us by 12pm EST! Circa customers have until 12pm EST! These times are UNRIVALED among our competing proxy service peers.

What makes KellyInVegas proxy service better than the others?

We have been proxying for the public successfully for five years and it along the way we have revolutionized the business. Our service was the first company to take away the percentage fee on customers winnings and introduced the first full online submission process via our website. We have the LATEST CUTOFF times in the industry (7am Saturday EST with an option for 12pm EST!) and we email each client a copy of their submitted tickets on Saturday morning. ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE CAN CHECK MARK ALL 3 OF THOSE FEATURES. My partner and I also strive to offer a more personalized service. You tell us what time works for you to sign up at the casino. Unlike other services who require you to sign up at their convenience. Kelly is available to accommodate your vacation schedule. Each client has a 30 minute window to sign up with Kelly &/or her business partner instead of the bulk sign-ups everyone else offers.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]