Our Ultimate Football Challenge Proxy Service has the industries Latest Client Submission Time, giving our clients the largest edge! 

Ultimate Football Challenge – The entry fee is $1,000. Top 20 contestants win cash prizes. Must sign up by September 8th, 10 PM PST.

Contestants can have up to 3 entries into the Ultimate Football Challenge.

Contestants don’t have to be Nevada residents to enter but ALL registrations must take place in person at the Golden Nugget Casino. Registrants must sign up with your proxy. Please click the link below to reserve your appointment time.

Format for Ultimate Football Contest: Contestants pick 7 selections against the spread, from all NFL sides and NCAA Division I FBS college sides—excluding first-half lines—and receive one point for a win or ½ point for a tie (push). The team with the most accumulated points over 17 weeks, starting September 9, is declared the winner.

For further contest rules please see attached form – CLICK HERE

click here to enter the Ultimate football challege