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Circa Million II – Entry fee is $1,000. $1.9 Million Cash Prizes to the top 50 contestants get paid. $1 Million to First Place Guaranteed. Last day to sign up is September 12th, 3 PM PST.

Format for the Circa Million II: Contestants pick 5 NFL games against the contest line (fixed spread) and receive one point for a win or ½ point for a tie (push). The team with the most accumulated points over the 17-week regular season is declared the winner.


In addition to the full season prizes, the top three scores within each “Quarter” of the season (Weeks 1-4, Weeks 5-8, Weeks 9-12, and Weeks 13-17) will win their share of $250,000+ awarded EVERY MONTH.


The entry that submits 5 picks in all 17 weeks and gets the lowest 85-game contest score of the season will be heading home with the $100,000 Booby Prize!

Contestants don’t have to be Nevada residents to enter but ALL registrations must take place in person at the D Las Vegas or Golden Gate Casino. Registrants must sign up with your proxy. Please click the link below to reserve your appointment time.

For further contest rules please see attached form – CLICK HERE


Our Circa Survivor Proxy Service has the industries Latest Client Submission Time, giving our clients the largest edge! 

Circa Survivor – Pick a different NFL winner straight up every week, only winning entries survive each week, and become the Circa Survivor to take home $1 MILLION!

Contestants may have up to five entries. Last day to sign up is September 12th, 3 PM PST.

Contestants don’t have to be Nevada residents to enter but ALL registrations must take place in person at the Golden Gate Casino or D Las Vegas. Registrants must sign up with your proxy. Please click the link below to reserve your appointment time.

Format for Circa Survivor: For each entry, the contestant submits one pick (one NFL side straight up) every week. Entries must use a different team each week (no repeats). After each contest week, all entries with a loss are eliminated. The last surviving entry wins and takes home the $1 MILLION prize!

For further contest rules please see attached form – CLICK HERE


Registration Ends:  09/12/2020

Low Entry Cost and High Payouts at Circa Sports


Whether you are looking for a more traditional handicapping contest or something to keep your adrenaline pumping, Circa Sports has a contest for you. Both the Circa Sports Million and the Circa Survivor have big payouts and can be taken care of by the professional proxy services of KellyInVegas. In fact, we are proud to say that we served as the proxy service for the 2019 Circa Million Big Winner. Isaac Meier, a/k/a “Booty Blockers”, as he took home a cool million thanks to our on time, professional, latest pick placement available services in Las Vegas. The best part for the sharp Booty Blockers team was he did not have to share the Circa Sports winnings, as KellyInVegas charges a flat fee for proxy services with no percentage or commission coming off your big check.

Using KellyInVegas Proxy Service provides you a big edge, because we have one of the latest submission times in the industry. We know that last minute knowledge from who is on the injury report and weather is information that can make all the difference on who wins or loses a game. Our personal service and attention to provide top service at your convenience at the latest available submission time makes us the most requested proxy service in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Circa Sports Million is a Big Time Football Contest

Vegas is for high rollers and those who want a shot at becoming one, and that holds true at Circa Sports. Their Million Dollar Football Challenge has one of the most lucrative payout schedules in the region. If you are entering the Sports Million, the entry is $1,000 per entry. You must be 21 to enter, and there is a maximum of three entries per team or contestant. The winner of the contest is guaranteed one million dollars, regardless of how many teams sign up to play. If the contest reaches and exceeds 1,000 players, the additional entry fees go into the prize pool, as there is no rake (handling fee) held back for the casino.

To sweeten the deal even more, there are quarterly contests that pay out $150,000 to the contestant that has the most points accumulated each quarter during the season, $75,000 to the second most, and $25,000 to the third most. You do have to place your picks weekly, and that is where our respected proxy service comes into to assure accuracy. We can place your contest choices for one flat price. You only have to come to Las Vegas to register with your proxy present and you are set for the season to make five NFL picks each week against the spread in the NFL Regular Season games, and your proxy enters the picks for one reasonable flat price.

Want to Get in On the Circa Million II?

It is easy to get into the Circa Million II, with $3,000,000 in guaranteed prizes. Come to the Golden Gate or D Las Vegas and register before September 12, 2020 at 3 pm PDT. To make placing your weekly picks a lot easier, arrange for KellyInVegas Proxy Service to meet you at the venue to register (required) and have your picks easily entered on Nevada soil each week. You must be 21 to enter the contest, and must register in person. You do not have to be a Nevada resident or even a US citizen to participate, KellyInVegas can take care of your picks for you every week for one reasonable flat fee.

The Circa Million II is easy to enter and make weekly choices. You pick five NFL games against the fixed spread (the contest line of regular games for that week) and you receive points based on how your picks do. A win gives you one point, and a tie or push gives you a half-point. The team or contestant with the most accumulated points over the 17-week regular season is the winner of a guaranteed $1,000,000.

In addition to the $1,000,000 for the Million Dollar Football Challenge, there are also quarterly prizes and even a Booby Prize for the worst set of picks for the season. $1.9 million will be awarded to the top 50 contestants in total and $100,000 to Last Place – guaranteed. Quarterly prizes are broken down as 1st Quarter = Weeks 1-4, 2nd Quarter = Weeks 5-8, 3rd Quarter = Weeks 9-12, and 4th Quarter = Weeks 13-17. Once you are signed up, you pick your five teams every week against the spread, and KellyInVegas Proxy Service makes sure your picks are entered accurately and on time. Using a professional proxy service ups your game to get in on part of the over $250,000 awarded each month by Circa in Quarterly MVP Prizes and $3,000,000 in total awarded all NFL season. Now that is what we like to call ACTION!

And, for those of you who stubble out of the gate and find yourself lost for the season, Circa has a fun game for you, too – The Booby Prize. The entry that submits five picks in all 17 weeks for a total of 85 games and has the lowest overall contest score for the entire season gets to cross the goal line to collect $100,000 in Booby Prize money. “Losing” doesn’t look so bad with those kind of numbers!

Our online submission service makes it easy to stay on top of your picks, and our backup protocol assures there will never be errors, missed deadlines, or other challenges you have heard happen with other services. With some of the latest submission times in the industry combined with years of expertise, you will soon learn why KellyInVegas Proxy Service is the top ranked football contest proxy service in the state. Our streamlined, convenient submission process and flat fee schedule provides confidence your choices are taken care of professionally and you can enjoy the games and competition.

Survivor Football Gets Your Adrenaline Rushing

As if giving out over three million bucks in cash was not enough, Circa had to go one step further. Introducing Circa Survivor! This first of its kind, high stakes Las Vegas survivor contest is a one of a kind, Las Vegas style. The rules are straightforward and not complicated. No spreads are involved. Each week you pick a different NFL winner straight up, every single week. The kicker is you have to outlast the competition to take home one million dollars in cash for becoming the Circa Survivor. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast…there are a few interesting diversions and twists along the way.

Thanksgiving Day is its own “week” in the contest. You cannot use the same team twice during the added week, so it is extremely important you calculate that pick into your season long choices. They also included an “Undefeated Bonus Prize” that works like this – even if the contest ends before Week 17 and a winner is given the trophy, that surviving entry will still move onto the next week to make selections and attempt a perfect (18-0) record. If they succeed, they get an extra $1,000,000 on top of the one million dollars already won! That makes a $2 million dollar purse for just picking winners. If by chance more than one entry remains but no contest weeks are left, the contest will end and the $2 million will be split equally among all the entries that successfully submitted a selection in the final contest week.

As we previously stated, you can submit only one NFL team each week to win for Circa Survivor Football, you must use a different team every week, you cannot use the same team more than once during the NFL season (in other word, no repeats, no continued favorites). Every week after games are decided all losing entries are eliminated from the contest for the remainder of the season. You can, however, buy in for a maximum of five entries into the contest at the beginning of the contest for an entry price of $1,000 per entry.

The last day to sign up for the Circa Survivor is September 12, 2020, at 3 p.m. PDT. You do not need to be a Nevada resident or USA citizen to enter and win, but you must be in state to enter weekly picks. Having a respected proxy service do it for you takes the stress and worry out of making it through traffic or having to fly in to get your selection done weekly. KellyInVegas Proxy Service has one of the latest submission times in the industry, and we utilize technology, apps, and secure digital platforms to make your life as easy as possible for you to submit choices. Click below or contact us and set up an appointment time for us to meet you at the D Las Vegas or Golden Gate Casino to get registered for this year’s edgiest new contest, Circa Survivor.


For A Quality Football Contest Proxy That Wins, Contact

Having to head to the casino every week to place picks for a contest can be inconvenient and expensive, especially if you live out of state. Hiring a quality proxy service to take care of your picks at the latest possible submission time improves your insights into your choices and relieves the cost and stress. You do need to register in person at the D Las Vegas or Golden Gate Casino with your proxy to enter the contests. You can click the link below to schedule a time and set up your information with KellyInVegas Proxy Service. We don’t collect commissions or percentages on your earnings, only a flat, reasonable fee for our professional services. Click below to set up a time convenient to your schedule for us to meet you at the venue so you can register for this year’s contests, and avoid the crowds and last minute rush to get in on the fun and potential winnings.

Circa Sports began signups for the Circa Million II on March 6th, 2020. Their guaranteed pool is now doubled to over $3,000,000 – yes, you read that right, three million greenbacks – that you can make NFL picks throughout the regular 17 week season. No one else offers that kind of purse over the regular season with quarterly prizes and even a booby prize. Get registered now before signups end September 12, 2020 at 3 p.m. PDT. Make sure to contact us as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for your proxy to attend your registration. This helps you avoid the mad rush and crowd to get into this year’s contest. If you have questions or want to schedule, click below or visit To view the full contest rules Click Here. Increase your enjoyment of the contest by hiring the best proxy service in Las Vegas to handle your Circa Sport entries – KellyInVegas Proxy Service.