Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter into the Westgate SuperContest, Golden Nugget Ultimate Football Challenge, or William Hill College Pick‘em?
  • You will need to enter in person at the Westgate SuperBook for the SuperContest and the Golden Nugget sports book for the Ultimate Football Challenge. Your proxy will need to be present at sign-up.
  • William Hill you can enter in person at anyone of their books. You may sign up without your proxy present.
How many entries can I have?
  • You can have up to two entries per person for the SuperContest, Ultimate Football Challenge and College Pick ‘em.
Can I split my entry with friends or family?
  • Yes, you can split your entry with as many people as you’d like however only one person is to be listed as the primary on file for the contest.
How do I enter my weekly plays with KellyInVegas Proxy Service?
  • Super Contest: Upon signing up we will give you a registered username and password to the website. You will be able to log in at your convenience and submit your selections by the designated (7am eastern standard time) deadline.
  • College Pick’em and Ultimate Football Challenge are to be text submitted by the designated deadline set with your proxy.
Can someone outside of the state of Nevada participate in any of these contests?
  • Yes! If you do not live in the state of Nevada (or even if you do!), when you sign up for the SuperContest and/or Ultimate Football Challenge you need to also register your proxy at the time of your initial signup. This will enable your registered proxy to submit your plays on your behalf for the entirety of the contest.
Does a Proxy have any access to any winnings?
  • No, you will have to visit the sports book for the contest you registered in and collect your winnings when they are made available.
What if I forget to get my submission in on time?
  • If you fail get your contest entries in on time it will be counted as a 0-5 record for that week in the contest. Or you can designate with your proxy to choose a random five selections if you are unreachable.
Are any winnings taxed?
  • Yes, any winnings are taxed if you are a resident or citizen of the United States, and you will receive a 1099 for tax purposes.
When are the picks due each week?
  • Super Contest : If you are playing any game (ex: Thursday Night Football) before Sunday’s games, ALL plays for that week must be in before the kickoff of that game (2pm pst is our deadline to play the Thursday night game). If you are playing the games on Sunday and Monday, all plays must be in by 7am est Saturday. *If you are using this service as a Proxy, we will require you to submit your plays before our agreed deadlines*
  • The deadlines for the Ultimate Football Challenge and College pick’em will be set at time of sign-up and are determined by the amount of entries.
Can I change my plays before any of the games start?
  • No, all games are set and final once they are inputted into the system and you receive your entry ticket for that week.

Please feel free to email with any further questions!

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